I decided to start thinking about how I could offer quality for the student and I decided to do a one to one tuition.


There are people interested in do a complete course, non-stop 5/6 days a week and people that because they have a day job prefer to do just a one or 2 days a week, or even come just from time to time. This last one is not the best choice but it can be done specially if you live in the Bury st Edmunds area. For each case we can find a better way to work, please contact me and we can find what suits best for you.


You can have one unique lifetime experience of building your own guitar at my workshop. For one month (or until it's finished) you will be working on the creation of your own guitar, learning the whole process of artisan construction and using the materials and tools provided. You will be taking home a high quality guitar built by you.


PLACE: Bury St Edmunds UK

  • Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 16:00 with 30 minutes for lunch.
  • Flexible option for example if you prefer to do it a bit more faster we can do some Sunday work.
  • Only 1 place available in each course. I just have one student each time to focus on his apprenticeship.
  • Everything included: wood, tuners, strings, case and use of tools. Each student will work at my workbench and with my tools.


CONTENTS: Complete construction of a Spanish guitar, from raw wood

  • All wood lattice possible as well such as acoustic guitar.
  • Finished with oil or French polish. 
  • No previous experience is required.


Total price to complete one guitar: £2500



Any questions please contact:



Phone: 07931 049952